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The Community of Sketchy Peeps

Welcome to l'Enroule, a group of creative folks in Brussels! Join us for a casual drink with kind folks, drawing together making jokes and new friends.
"A goofy sect of harmless weirdos, weaving a tapestry of camaraderie and inspiration."
Jean-Roule, 2023
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We host meetups every first Thursday of the month. Our next event will be announced soon!

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Artist Features

We are lucky to have many talents around. Check their work and their interview by Jean-Roule himself.

Alexis Fradier

Rustic Animator, will always have a nice camera
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Margaux Baert

Ah, mes amis, let me introduce Margaux Baert, the enchantress of paper sculptures. Her creations, exotic and mystical, dance on the edge of darkness, captivating with their mysterious allure.
Read Interview
Decorative Animated Doodle of Jean-Roule dancing with maracas