The Sketchy Fest Poster, October 15-15th 2023, LaVallée Brussels

The Sketchy Fest

Holy pony, l'Enroule is creating its first festival! During the whole weekend, gather around creative minds and fuel your chakra with doodly folks.

The event will host talks*, a print market, fun activities, aaaand… a party!
*The talks have a paid entry. Everything else is free!
The Talks (Title design the section)
Saturday 17:30 → 21:00

The Talks

Come & listen to these 4 creative wizards! Motion bliss, graphic wisdom, doodle deliciousness or 3D glory, these speakers are here to share only for your beautiful eyes!
How I accidentally became a 3D artist
Eva Cremers is known for her playful work, both digitally and in the physical world, from illustration to animation. She will talk about her unexpected journey into the 3D art world and shares her story on how she started out watching tutorials to working with Samsung, Apple and H&M in just 3 years.
Title of the Talk: The Color of Motion. Renaud Lavency Picture. Link to his Instagram.
Renaud Lavency will talk about his atypical career as a freelancer and autodidact within the Motion Design industry, as well as the evolution of his vision and his way of working through experiences in a demanding and constantly evolving international industry. He will detail his creative process, the importance of colors as well as some key projects whether in collaboration with studios or passion projects. And wishes to transmit some keys to grow and find a place in this environment which is actually very welcoming.
From Film to Poster
Amira Daoudi, a specialist in movie poster design, will discuss the captivating process of transforming films into posters. She'll reveal how she immerses herself in a film's world to capture its essence in a single image. Join her as she explores how she keeps her creative voice alive in the fast-paced, yet fascinating world of cinema.
Title of the Talk: From Doodles to Dreams. Jango Jim Picture. Link to his Instagram.
Discover the journey of Jango Jim (1985, Antwerp), a passionate illustrator and animator, as he unveils how making doodles, drawings, illustrations, animations and murals transformed his life for the better. With insights, tips and techniques Jango wants to enhance your own creative potential. Learn how to be more creative and make better, more inspiring work, all while having a blast in the process.
The Talks (Title design the section)
Saturday & Sunday 12:00 → 19:00

The Print Market

Meet 30 Belgium-based artists in a cosy setup over the whole weekend. Find the next juicy artwork to hang on your skin, or wear on your walls!
The Talks (Title design the section)

Our Partners

We are lucky to be supported by kind people who trust us! These guys are worth more than a shoutout, a big handful of thanks to make this event possible.
Grafik is a discovery space for illustration and graphic arts in Schaerbeek. You can immerse yourself in a superb catalog of artist-illustrators, take part in workshops and experiment with different techniques, or simply share ideas over a cup of coffee. Grafik's aim is to pass on know-how, help you discover new worlds, and showcase committed and passionate artists and craftspeople.
In 2014, the Smart cooperative signed a 27-year lease for the occupation of a 6000m² former industrial laundry in Molenbeek. The goal is to install within the building a community of artists and creative entrepreneurs and to offer a varied cultural program as well as spaces for rent. The ambitious project takes the name of LaVallée, from the name of the street in which the project is located, and develops rapidly inspired by the dynamics of the Third Places. The project is organized around three main activities: the provision of work spaces, the rental of event spaces and the production of events.
No bullshit school of modern animation and motion design. Build your motion confidence with our hardcore courses on both 2D and 3D animation from world-known animators and motion designers.
Artisium is a cooperative company that offers a legal framework to all self-employed workers -men and women- in the creative sector. By joining our structure, our cooperators work under the social status of active partner and benefit from an administrative, financial, and legal support service. We offer a group of services designed to meet the socio-economic needs of our artists. Artisium helps its cooperators with all their legal, accounting, tax and social obligations and, additionally, prides itself in protecting their entire creativity against any confusion or malicious and unauthorized use of their original works.
We are a visual storytelling agency specialised in leveraging the powers of illustration to help organisations embrace change internally or induce change in society. Through our digital experiences, prints, events and videos, we strive to make business rigolo.
Opale Prod is a creative audiovisual production agency specializing in music, founded in 2017 by a pair of directors, Noé Termine & Théo Birambeau, eager to crystallize several years of collaboration, to bring to fruition their ideas and desires to offer new ways of looking at music. They have been in charge of video production for Sofar Sounds Paris shows for almost 10 years, and have also produced clips, EPKs, tour teasers, sessions and live recordings for and with artists such as L'Impératrice, Ben Mazué, Yael Naim, Pomme, Cléa Vincent, Jul... Recently, they launched their new project: Boucan, the media that sees music differently.
Lillet is the French aperitif to reinvent for fresh, sparkling, fruity long drinks. It has been made since 1872 at Maison Lillet in Podensac, south of Bordeaux. Today, a team of ten people carry on the traditional production process of this much-loved delicate and refreshing aperitif. Served as a long drink with tonic and an aromatic garnish, Lillet delights today's consumers, who are looking for an authentic, natural, low-alcohol aperitif.
Motion Hatch is an online education platform that helps motion designers and animators start and scale their businesses. We provide comprehensive training materials, courses, community and invaluable resources. Our podcast and YouTube channel dives deep into the business side of motion design, offering insights and expert advice. We empower motion designers and studio owners with the tools and knowledge needed to not just earn their value, but also to flourish in making projects they love.
Patata School is a place for learning like no other! Created by Cabeza Patata, your instructors, Katie and Abel, are professional artists with years of experience working with the biggest brands out there. We’ll give you real-life examples and valuable well-kept secrets from the industry we’ll help you join. No matter how technical you are, we’ll help you get there with a friendly approach focussed on the art. We pride our school on being a unique and friendly place, we’re on hand to answer technical and artistic questions, and give feedback to improve your work and take it to the next level.
Shake is not your typical communication agency. We're a bunch of creative souls who thrive on doing great work. In our sun bathed courtyard you will find 15 craftsmen (and women) busy creating elegant, sustainable, and fresh ideas. In a world that's often all about quick fixes, we're the oddballs who dig deep into a brand's story, listening to those who carry its legacy, and offering no-nonsense solutions. We were born in a time before Google, Instagram, or Uber ruled the scene, but we've stayed connected while holding onto our core beliefs. Our clients trust us because we live up to our name. Yep, we can be a bit principled, maybe even a tad exhausting, but you know what? Every day still feels as exciting as that sunny July 28, 1998, when we kicked things off.
Accountable frees you from the hoops and hurdles of being independent by giving you the tools you need to pay your taxes and manage your business. Add your invoices. Accountable generates all of your tax returns without mistakes. Our team is available for any questions you may have. You are longer on your own to deal with the tax office!
Depuis 2006, la Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale vit à travers ses nombreuses activités et le public qu'elle accueille. Elle connaît de riches moments d'échanges entre les artistes, les enfants et les adultes tant lors des ateliers créatifs qu'à l'occasion des nombreux événements organisés ensemble.
Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in België
Creative Finance is the accounting firm specialized in serving businesses in the creative sector. We manage your financial and administrative tasks in a streamlined manner, helping you achieve your company's goals. We are currently located in Gent, Kortrijk, Antwerp and Mechelen.
Decorative Animated Doodle of Jean-Roule dancing with maracas
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