L’Enroule is a lively community of visual artists, based in Brussels.

Illustrators, animators, designers, photographers, directors, artists, authors, sound designers & other misfits are aaaaall invited to the troupe. We aim to forge an inviting network where it feels good to share with our peers. And we do it with our very own paws, focusing on having fun, breaking language barriers, and making friends!

Who exactly is Jean-Roule?

Jean-Roule was born in 2018 from a lonely soul wishing so strongly for a friend. It resulted in the apparition of the cutest black & white character ever. Jean-Roule quickly became the official guru of l'Enroule, but shhh... he doesn't know anything about it.

The team

L'Enroule core members share the stunning “Chateau l’Enroule” workspace in Les Marolles. It has become a quirky laboratory to help the community grow, and we are already brewing new funky schemes.
Alexis Fradier
2D/3D Motion Designer
I mix techniques and words like a mad scientist, making the fuel to launch projects into orbit.
Camille Amour
Designer & Illustrator
Jack of all trades, master of crafted stories.
Coralie Legrand
Motion Designer & Illustrator
Colour, quirks & visual storytelling. Talk to me about sustainability & science communication!
Dries Van Broeck
Designer & Animator
Brings motion into brands.
Elise Leonard
Visual Development & Background Artist
Coloring inside and outside the lines
Fabien Rousseau
Animator & Illustrator
I like dressing colourful, cooking spicy & dancing funny. Design & code background.
Jeroen Ceulebrouck
Director & Audiovisual Maker
Always looking for the shadows in the light to tell a story
Naama Zarfaty
Director & Animator
Making dreams come true, by moving pixels and telling great stories.
Nicolas Grandry
2D Animator & Motion Designer
Paula Hricovini
Illustrator & Animator
Saved from the brink by her pencils skills, she's part of those witches who hasn't burned yet.
Simon Schu
2D Animator & Compositing Artist
Textures and glow. Witches and crows.
Valentin Gorris
Specialist in drawing funny hats and cheese eater.
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