Rocio Alvarez

Creative Tropical expert from Spain
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December 7, 2023

Jean-Roule: Hola Rocio! Jean-Roule in the house, or should I say, on the Grams! So, spill the beans, where in this wild world are you originally from, and what on earth brought you to the vibrant chaos of Brussels?

Rocio: I'm originally from Spain, I came here ten years ago for a mix of love of that time and work, hehe. I thought it was also a cool place with opportunities for animation. And I like a lot Brussels in general.

JR: Love, work, and a dash of randomness - sounds like the recipe for a wild adventure! Now, let's dive into the creative wonderland. How the heck would you describe your work, and how did you end up surfing the waves of creativity to where you are today?

Rocio: I'm very multidisciplinary, I like to do and to try always new materials and combinations, to be a bit risky, if not I get bored. I've always liked to draw, and I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in Spain and years after I studied animation in France. Since the very beginning I have participated in a lot of art contests and grants, I think sometimes is a good method to find your own style with a deadline.To be where I am it's a mix of good luck and hard work, I suppose. Luck because people like it and hard work because I'm very perfectionist too and I said yes to many things I guess.

JR: Talk about a creative dance across borders! Luck and hard work, a combo that always gets the party started. Now, your art is like a burst of confetti on a birthday cake – colorful and full of life! What inspires you?

Rocio: I'm not sure, I suppose I really like bright colors , they make me happy, maybe ? I think they have like an inner light. I like folkloric works, a bit naif, also the colors of the traditional Mexican and latinoamerican art, tropical plants and nature in general, I like the mess and I like a lot also the diversity of people, the faces.

JR: Faces, colors, and a jungle of inspiration – sounds like an artist's paradise! Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

Rocio: These last times I like a lot making some textures and parts of the illustration in acrylics or watercolor on paper and then mixing it with digital layers in Photoshop. Sometimes it arrives to me having more than 400 layers...But in other times I built the backgrounds in paper volume, sometimes I work with Riso or inkscreen, sometimes big brushes for a big wall...I like to change.

JR: A true artistic mixologist, keeping the creativity spirits high! And I saw your work's currently hanging in Grafik. What's the encore after this visual fiesta?

Rocio: Right now I'm making the animation for the teaser of the Animac ( animation festival of Catalunya ) and then I have some meetings for new projects. I would like to make another shortfilm soon, and at the same time I would like to continue making illustrations ans walls and I would love to make a wallpaper collection.

Go take a look to Grafik, if you can, I have quite prints there and also I made specially for the event: a new serie of plants and vases in ink screen and every print is really hand painted, so they are all unique pieces, I think they are a good mix between expressive chaos and straightness.

JR: So cool, will definitely go and check that out! Oh and one last question: When is your favourite time of day to create?

Rocio: I'm not a super morning person... I think I'm maybe more focus during the afternoon & night, but well, It also depends on the day, if I have a deadline I can work a lot, but maybe if it's super sunny outside a little bit less... ;)

JR: Thank you so much Rocio for the interview! Can't wait to see you shaking up tonight at Muche at 19H! Cheers to the artistry and the occasional creative siesta! 🎨🎉 See you all there buddies!

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